Monday, July 12, 2010

Vinegar, More Uses

Aside from saving your moldy clothes, there are many great household uses for vinegar.  It's cheap, easy to find, and environmentally friendly.

Glass cleaner- A little vinegar helps get mineral buildup off of glass.

Dishes- In relation to the previous idea, a little vinegar added to your dishsoap helps get your dishes squeaky clean.  Your glassware should look nice again.

Hair- A solution of water and vinegar makes an excellent final rinse for your hair, especially if you have bad water (seeing a pattern here?).  The scent should leave your hair once it's dry.  If it doesn't, more water, less vinegar.  You should have shiny, beautiful hair once it's dry.

Wood cleaner- A solution of water and vinegar makes a great cleaner and shiner for your wood floor or furniture.  Do not use too much liquid on wood, ever.  Just wipe your sufaces with a damp cloth.

Mildew remover- That same solution is good for removing mildew from bathrooms and windows.

Awesome Tip of the Day:  As I'm sure you have gathered, vinegar is good for all kinds of things related to mold/mildew or hard water buildup.  Keep your eyes open for any other household chores for your new favorite solution.

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  1. Vinegar also works great on bee and wasp stings to reduce pain and swelling. Just a dab, though.