Saturday, July 24, 2010

How to Unhook a Bra Quickly with One Hand

This tip really is awesome.  So how do you undo the bra?  I'm serious.  The kissing worked.  She wants to move forward.  Ah, but you can't seem to figure out the dreaded bra with anything that resembles grace. Why?!  If it's your own bra, see the bottom of this post.

Here's the trick to bras:
The average bra is held together buy two to three tiny hooks in the back. Usually, it is the right side that has the actual hooks and the left side that has little metal loops. These are quite easily removed by one hand using one of two methods. The main idea is that you want to pinch both sides together and slide the hook side across the loops/away from the bra.

Assuming you're facing the girl, reaching behind her with your right hand, find the middle of the bra. Pinch the loop side with your thumb and the hook side with your middle or index finger together and slide the hook side toward the palm of your hand. It should just pop off. You can also slide your middle finger under the spot where it hooks in and use your index finger and thumb to pinch it together if it's easier or if you're worried about pinching her skin. If you're using your left hand, do the same process with your thumb on the hook side and slide that toward the palm of your hand. No more interruptive fumbling about.

If it's your bra, well, I usually use my right hand.  Reach up your back with the back of your hand touching your back until you find the middle of your bra band.  Slide your index finger under the spot where it hooks together.  Pinch both sides together, using your middle finger and thumb.  Slide your thumb across your middle finger.  It should pop right off.

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  1. I guess this technique would help since a lot of men don't really know how to unhook some bra. And they end up spending around 5 minutes or more for that certain action which is a turn off.