Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Egg Noodle Soup | Recipe

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Today's post is an easy to make, relatively cheap and hearty recipe that I came up with one cold day.

Egg Noodle Soup

Serves 3.  About 25 minutes to prepare and cook.

1 can of chicken broth
1 1/2 cups of water
3 eggs
2 tbsp of chopped onions
1 tsp of minced ginger
1 tsp of minced garlic
1 tbsp of chopped parsley or cilantro
2 tsp of chopped green onions
1/2 tsp of turmeric
Dry Asian noodles
Olive oil
Salt to taste

Pour a small amount of olive oil into a saucepan on low.  Drop in onions, garlic, and ginger to saute.  Pour in chicken broth and water.  Once it starts to steam, add chopped green onions, parsley/cilantro and turmeric.  Now is a good time for the salt if you want that, and the noodles.  Let that heat up to a simmer while you beat the eggs with a fork in a separate container.  Once it's hot enough, stir the pot in a circular motion and pour the egg in slowly over one spot so that it forms little strands or swirls in the pot.  This will keep you from having egg clumps.  Let it sit for a few seconds and then stir again.  Add dry noodles.  Cover.  Stir.  Taste.  Add more salt if needed.  Eat hot.

Powdered ginger, garlic, and onions work fine if that's all you have.

*Alternate Version*

Lately, I've been eating this soup prepared with the following ingredients:

1 can of chicken broth
1 1/2 cups of water
1/2 tsp of powdered garlic
1/2 tsp of cumin
A few drops of olive or coconut oil
A handful of sliced mushrooms
And handful of spinach/mixed greens
3 eggs
Rice noodles
Salt to taste

Cook this soup exactly the same way. You don't need to sauté the mushrooms and greens first. They boil just fine with the soup. Start to finish this takes about 15 min.


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