Thursday, July 15, 2010

Help! I'm Hungover. Make it stop.

Think French fries.  No really, someone told me this and I didn't believe it until I saw it with my own eyes.  The greasier, the better.  You would think it would make you more sick, but the grease actually helps deal with all that alcohol.  The inherent saltiness probably helps you with the nausea, too.  Next time you have too much, order some greasy food to help get rid of the hangover the next day.  You should be able to get some greasy fries for about $1, but it will be the best dollar you ever spent.  Next thing, hydrate.

Awesome Tip:  Want to fight that hangover preemptively?  Drink water between each drink.  Alcohol dehydrates you, which worsens your hangover symptoms a lot.  Also, it will help you pace your drinking.  A little food while you drink also makes a difference.

If you feel up for it, a little exercise will help you sweat it out, followed by a shower and a nap if you have the time.  Don't go crazy and try to work out hard.  You just need to get your lymphatic system going.  A nice walk would be fine.


  1. It actually has more to do with the NAD+/NADH ratio in the cytosol of your cells, when your overserved you have two much of the protonated form and gluconeogenesis shuts down which causes some of the problems associated with hangover. You can normalize this ratio by using up your excess NADH, which is mostly done in skeletal muscle, so as long as you stay hydrated the exercise is a good idea. You actually don't "sweat out" the alcohol the next AM. (unless you're still drunk, in which case you're probably not hungover yet)

  2. Mild exercise. Very mild exercise. As in, a slow walk. When you're hungover, your blood sugar is off, and your circulation system and your heart are under pressure. Doing too much too soon can really hurt you.