Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Solution to Wet, Moldy Clothes

Okay, we've all left a wet towel laying around too long or forgotten that our clothes were still wet in the washer overnight, but now what? Don't you dare just wear them like that and punish everyone at work. Bleaching is a bad idea, especially if the clothes are not white. Washing them over and over doesn't work and is a huge waste of water, time, and effort (if it even works). Instead, put them back through the wash cycle with a gallon of cheap white vinegar, which should be less than $2. Don't overpay. Your clothes should come out smelling normal again.


  1. Thanks for the tip! I always tend to let my wash go for too long, and when my clothes get to smelling mildewy, I usually just put them through the wash again. It usually doesn't help all that much, though, and sometimes I've actually thrown out clothes that smell like that (!).

    Definitely going to remember vinegar! I wonder if ACV is as good as plain ol' white vinegar? (That would be awesome - haircare, cleaner and wash freshener all in one!)

  2. I would think that ACV would stain light clothing, since it's made from apple. Apple juice is pretty stainable. That would be nice, though. White vinegar is cheaper, anyway, and you're going to have to use a lot of it. Why waste the good stuff, right?