Tuesday, July 27, 2010

~Story Time~

I would just like to share a little episode of Saturday night, because I thought it was mildly creative and definitely fun.  This story should be called, "How to Get Awesome for Free."

I went out with my typical girls' night pal, who is long time single.  When things started to warm up at our usual night club, I noticed there were two pretty attractive guys who were well built and fun dancers.  It seems their goal was to give attention to and get attention from every girl in the place that night.  You know the type.  Anyway, they came up to us, at which point I deflected the one trying to dance with me with my wedding ring and they ran off.  Usually, such self-interested guys would be more or less useless to me, but I'm a team player and my friend is single.  It dawned on me, "Wait, what am I thinking?"  So within about five minutes or so, I managed to casually re-encounter the same guy and explain...

Me:  Sorry, I meant to tell you.  I'm married and behaving, but it's my friend's birthday.  She's 25.
Guy:  (guy lights up) Oh really?  So you want me to...
Me:  Yeah, show her a good time!

...at which point he proceeded to walk right up to her and pick her up with a nice, "Happy birthday!"  For a moment, she panicked, but I said, "(friend's name), go with it!"  Never mind the protests like, "Wait, it's not my birthday..."  (Yes it is. Don't believe her, she's just shy.)  It was funny to hear the guy say, "It is your birthday..."  Ha!  So she had quite a fun experience with this guy really making it a point to show her a good time, and then moving right along.  It was perfect.  She had fun but he wasn't around long enough to intrude upon our girls' night.  He came back later a couple of times just to put a smile on her face.  She danced with his friend, too, but he was a bit more stuck up.

Awesome Tip of the Day:  Never dance with a guy like that (that type of guy) for more than one song in a row.  He will start looking for the next girl during the second song.  He will also manage to inflate his ego to the point of near explosion, thus thinking he's doing you some kind of favor by dancing with you.  Cut him off after the first dance and he will probably come back once he's made his rounds.  Also, if you dance with him at the end of the night, he will think he's taking you home.

I didn't feel bad about that little white lie because I'm quite sure that the guy was looking for any excuse to do that kind of thing anyway.  She had fun, I had fun, he got more attention, win win win.  Honestly, I don't think I've ever seen that big of a happy kitty grin on her face before.  She said she felt like she went to Chip N Dale.  Both awesome and free.

The End.

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