Recipe Page

Here are the links to my recipes and cooking articles:

Black Beans and Rice
Detailed instructions on how to cook and store black beans and rice as a dietary staple.

Egg Noodle Soup
This is a good, healthy recipe for a cold afternoon or evening.  It's warming and filling but not too heavy.

Toaster Oven Salmon
Here's a healthy way to eat a wonderful food.  Included are tips on what to serve it with.

Slightly Spicy Sauteed Shrimp and Pasta
Here is great, flavorful way to enjoy both shrimp and pasta with vegetables and an optional Alfredo sauce.

Two Egg Taco
This is a really fast, on the go meal for when you don't really have time to eat, but you really need to eat something.

Yogurt or Banana Happy Pancakes
These are just nice to have on a Saturday morning or special occasion.  Everybody loves moist, hot, fluffy pancakes.  Included are tips for those with dietary restrictions.

Reduction Fruit Paste
This is a delicious and healthy topping for pancakes, crepes, waffles, toast, or ice cream.  It's simple to make and very impressive for guests or that special someone.

Sweet Tooth Healthy Oatmeal
This is a healthy breakfast for those cold mornings.  No sugar added.  Dairy free.  Tasty!

The Basics of Cooking and Kitchens
I wrote this to help take the mystery out of the kitchen and encourage the inexperienced to start making their own meals.  It's a friendly, quick overview of how to know what you're doing in the kitchen and how to get started cooking.  The rest is up to experience.  I really enjoy cooking when I have the time.  Maybe you will, too.

Guilt Free Apple Oat Cobbler
I absolute love these.  They refrigerate well in case you're cooking just for yourself.  They are good hot or cold.  Gluten and casein free for those of you with dietary restrictions.

The Healthy Smoothie
How to make healthy smoothies by choosing the right ingredients and knowing how to blend them the easy way.

Guilt Free Fruit, Flax and Oat Cobbler
Try this if you liked the apple version.  It's healthy and gluten and casein free but still tastes like a dessert.