Monday, September 6, 2010

Got Blood on Your Favorite Shirt?

It doesn't matter why there's blood on your clothes, you just want it off, right?  If you put your clothes through the wash, assuming the water and detergent will get it out, think again.  The heat from the water and dryer will actually set the stain, leaving you with the eternal brown spot on your favorite shirt.  Bleach damages your clothes.  Expensive stain removers may or may not work.  It's over, right?  Wrong.

Go to any drug, grocery, or ___mart store and buy a bottle of hydrogen peroxide for a buck or two.  Hold the stained spot on your shirt over the sink.  Pour hydrogen peroxide directly over the spot.  Let it foam.  Rub it.  Rinse it out with cold water.  Pour a little more on.  Repeat.  If there is a tiny bit of blood left, chances are the washer will get it out (use cold water).  Check it before you put it in the dryer.  You may want to use gloves if it's not your blood.  Also, the hydrogen peroxide may leave your calluses or skin on your fingertips white.  This is not harmful but it looks weird.  Wash your hands afterward.

Awesome Tip of the Day:  Try to keep the stained area separate from the rest of the shirt while you are trying to wash it out, or it will literally bleed onto other places, leaving you with multiple spots.  No good.

What if I already washed it?  You know, try it.  Sometimes you get lucky with a stain that has already been washed.  If hydrogen peroxide doesn't work, the next thing is Folex.  It's a carpet cleaner that seems to work on all kinds of things and has saved many a favorite shirt.  It is reasonably priced for how great it works on clothing, carpets, and upholstery, but I prefer to use the cheapest stuff that will work.

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