Monday, September 27, 2010

Furry Pets and Hot Days

We're having a nice heat wave right now in S. California.  Great for me.  Not so great for Osa.  As you may know, German Shepherds have two coats of hair.  That extra undercoat they have is for insulation in cold weather.  On hot days she can really suffer, especially now that she is getting old.

I'm assuming that not everyone has a chance to take their dog to the beach half the day and let them play in the cold ocean.  Probably, most of you have jobs or other matters to attend.  Before you leave your canine pal outside in the heat, please consider that he/she will be there, wherever you leave him/her, until you get back.

Make sure you have a dog house or umbrella or something outside for them to have shade.  Fill up the water bowl before you leave with fresh water.  If you can, fill it half way with ice and the rest with water.  Then, make sure the water bowl is somewhere in the shade.  They really appreciate it.

Awesome Tip of the Day:  What else is all that fur good for?  Absorbing water.  On hot, dry days, I like to chase my dog around with the hose for a few minutes.  It's a fun game for her and good target practice for me.  All that water helps keep her cool until it's time to bring her back in the house.  With this heat, she is dry enough to come in by then.

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