Friday, February 18, 2011

Her Room Online Lingerie Store Review

Her Room is an online store for women's lingerie.  Their catch line is "Lingerie We Buy For Ourselves".  They carry lingerie, swimwear, sleepwear, active wear, hosiery, etc.  There is also an attached His Room for that man in your life.

Anyway, the people at Her Room have seemingly thought of it all.

Return Policy.  The first thing I checked was their return policy.  They are good about returns and also do "phone exchanges" in which they send you the new stuff right away and just refund you for the old stuff when they get it back from you.  Also, because their return policy is good, you can order a few sizes if you're unsure and just return the stuff that didn't fit.

Product Reviews and Ratings.  Their products are available for review by customers, so you can see what people are saying about what you're looking to buy and also sort products by star ratings.

Bounce Tests.  This is truly unique and really stands out to me.  The took 40 or so of their most popular sports bras and took a video of a woman wearing it and mimicking a jogging motion.  This is a great way to compare effectiveness in sports bras.

So many sizes!  Her Room carries 28A-56K.  I'm quite sure your size is in there.

See It Under...  There is an option to see the bra on a manikin with various shirt/blouse styles laid over in to see what parts of the bra might show under a V neck, boat neck, button up, etc.

Fit Guide.  There is a fit guide, which are suggestions on sizing based on customer feedback.  For example, if the band runs loose, they might advise you to try a tighter band size and larger cup size to get the proper fit.  This helps you buy and helps them minimize returns and unsatisfied customers.  There is also a customer service representative available for online chat to help you make fitting decisions in a hurry.  Furthermore, there are product specific measurements listed.  For example, if something claims to be "low rise", they will tell you what it really is in inches.

Pictures.  All products come with a variety of pictures from different angles so you know what the back and front will look like on a real person.

Shipping.  Orders $70 and up ship free.

PayPal.  I'm a huge PayPal fan and they accept it.

All in all, I would recommend looking through their online store and see if anything appeals to you for your next lingerie buying experience.


  1. Beware! Their return policy is awful. They refused to refund a purchase even though it was returned new with tags within two weeks. If you try something on and get any deodorant on it, they will NOT REFUND YOUR MONEY. (And if you want it back or an exchange you need to pay shipping again.) I definitely do not recommend

    1. I agree with Anonymous. I had the most awful experience with Her Room that I have ever had in my life. I ordered three bras, two were the same size/style and so I only tried one of those on and the other style. They claimed they were stained. Give me a break, I didn't even have it on for a nanosecond. If there was a mark on it it arrived that way. THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM ORGANIZATION!!!! You end up having to keep merchandise that doesn't even fit, including the one bra that wasn't even opened!!! The worst customer service --- highly recommend you shop elsewhere. Many other sites have quality merchandise and easy return policies that don't gouge the customer so they can profit. THIS COMPANY IS THE WORST!!!!!

  2. I used the online service for this company. I was out of town for several weeks, and was not able to return my items within the very limited 30 day return policy. The $10.00 or 20%(which ever is greater), return fee is inconsistent, and highway robbery. I spoke with someone over chat asking if they could at least charge the flat fee, considering my situation, and I was given flat out no. The supervisor was curt, and just confirmed that someone told me there was a fee over live chat. I told them I would not make another purchase from them, and that I felt they were not very customer service focused. The response I received was, "ok". Extremely disappointing. I will be shopping from my local specialty retailer from now on. I will pay a little extra for courtesy and fair return policies.

  3. Yikes, everyone seems to have the exact same complaint about Herroom. Note that their fine print 30 day return policy is from the *date of shipping* which means you're up the creek if you are out of town for a few days and you select standard shipping of 6-8 days. Throw in a weekend or two and you're guaranteed to not have enough time to return the item.

    Also, I spoke with managers and managers of managers, and throughout all of the conversations, I noted incredible rudeness. I can't believe everyone is just hostile and nasty; it must be the company culture that makes all the people that work there so unhelpful and well, mean. I got off the phone really upset about not just being able to return the items but also the terrible treatment I received as a customer.


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