Friday, February 18, 2011

Get the *Point* Out of Freya Active Bras and Product Review

This is going to start off with a product review and then finish with how to soften the pointiness of this particular bra.

Freya Active Bra 4002 Product Review

First, Freya is a wonderful brand that makes lingerie for women, keeping women in mind.  What I mean by that is that they aim to make supportive, attractive lines for women of a broad range of sizes.  It is one of the few brands that actually carries my size, as I am naturally petite and almost all bra bands are too loose to provide me the support I desire.  I wear a 28F/30E in Freya sizes at the moment since I've lost some more weight.

Second, Freya's Active line is well thought-out.  It appears they looked into what a really big and busty woman would need to wear while running and jumping and then made it also in my size.  In fact, they carry these sports bras in 28D-G and 30-38D-H.  4002 is an underwire sports bra that looks like a 1940s full figure bra.  They are made with a dry-wicking fabric that surprisingly does not chafe.  There are three hooks in the back up to E cups and F cups have four.  I can personally attest to the minimal bounce this bra affords me during highly strenuous and high impact exercises.  While it is not "the perfect" bra, I would still give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars simply because it gets the job done.

  • quick dry material that doesn't chafe
  • comes in a wide variety of sizes
  • keeps bouncing to an absolute minimum
  • comes in a variety of colors (black, white, nude, plus a sister style in red and charcoal)
  • underwire design provides separation and stability
  • encapsulation protects from upward bounce
  • fully adjustable (four hook settings on the band/a lot of room for adjustment on the shoulder straps)
  • durable
  • there is a seam that runs horizontally across the cups that can be seen through clothing
  • cups are slightly pointy, very pointy out of the package
  • straps would be better if crossed or crossable
  • pricey at about $60 a bra
I would not recommend an underwire bra for sparring or grappling or any other sport in which someone might strike or dig into the wire area.  It just hurts.  Freya carries a softcup version but I have not tried it.  I wear Under Armour high impact (cross back) sports bras for martial arts.

So What Does One Do About the Pointiness?

I gave this some thought and then tried a few things.  I suggest washing your bra with warm water to start with.  That seems to help the material soften up faster.  You may machine wash it in a lingerie or bra bag (not with towels or other fabrics that are heavy on the lint) or you may leave it to soak in a bucket of warm water.  Hang it to dry.  When it is *almost* dry, put it on and wear it around the house on a snug setting.  This should help it mold to you a little faster as it dries with your body heat to your personal shape.

After doing this once or twice, the pointiness should reduce to an acceptable level.

Want to Buy One?
If you are interested in buying one of these bras, I would suggest properly sizing yourself and ordering from a place that has a good return/exchange policy.  The bands run pretty true to size.  If you're not sure how to size yourself, click here.

I have made purchases from both Her Room (US) and Menary's (UK) and had good experiences.  If you already know your size you may have luck with Breakout Bras.  They tend to carry very few sizes but have better prices on the ones they have.  Her Room also has an attached His Room for that man in your life.

Click here for a my Her Room review.


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