Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How to Split a Monster Burrito, No Mess, No Knife

I don't buy these very often, but yes, I will do it in front of the camera one day.

This may sound funny but I've never seen anyone else do it, so maybe it's not common knowledge.  It's better than laying a burrito on its side and cutting though it because you don't lose any of its contents.  Also, big knives are not always available.  I did this for the first time a few years ago.  I bought a monster burrito to split with a friend.  We got to the beach and realized we had forgotten to ask to have it cut in half.  She suggested alternating bites.  I decided we weren't good enough friends for that.  So...

You will need:
nothing, that's it.
two hands maybe

If your burrito is wrapped in aluminum foil or paper, you're in luck as this will help prevent the tortilla from unraveling while you're doing this.  Usually they behave.  If you happen to have a knife, plastic or otherwise, or sharp fingernails, you may get a cleaner cut.

1.  If the burrito is wrapped, find the middle and tear out a section of whatever it's wrapped in so that you have a naked strip of burrito going around the middle.

2.  Use your fingers to pinch a spot open along the middle of the burrito.

3.  Holding each end of the burrito, use your thumbs to carefully pull apart the tortilla so that it follows the circumference at least 1/2 way around but no more that 3/4.  Do no pull the burrito apart.  Just separate the tortilla so it looks as if it were cut all the way through.  If you have a knife, use it to just saw gently around the edge of the tortilla so that it is cut.

4.  Here's the tricky part.  Rotate the burrito so that the part of the tortilla that was not cut is facing the floor.  You should have one end of the burrito in each hand.  Slowly rotate your hands together in a downward motion so that the two burrito halves are still connected but they are now standing parallel to each other in the palms of your hands.

If you do this step slowly and carefully enough, you will not spill a single grain of rice.  Also, you will be awesome.  Impress your friends!  I saw jaws drop the first time I did this.

5.  Slowly rotate the two burrito halves in opposite directions (like gears) until the remaining connected piece of tortilla tears along the circumference.  You now have two monster burrito halves.

If you pull this off on camera, post the YouTube link in the comments below.


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