Thursday, August 26, 2010

Arnica Montana for Joint Pain Relief in Dogs

My dog has old joint injuries (thanks to squirrel holes) and arthritis due to age and size.  A regular low dose of arnica montana in her food and regular, mild exercise has kept her walking and playing at the beach for the last three years.  I originally was recommended these tiny pills to treat my mom's arthritis, but I was desperate one day to treat my dog when she had a bad sprain.  She has never displayed any visible side effects and appears to be much happier and active when she is receiving her 30X treatment.

If your dog has arthritis, I suggest further researching the use of arnica in treating inflammation.  A regular low dose could reduce pain and inflammation and improve the quality of your dog's life.  They don't live very long, but the years they do have are best spent active and happy.


  1. The dosage is really confusing for a newbie. For a large breed almost 13 year old flat coat who's legs are sore and tired after torn acl a couple years ago, and with age are just getting weaker what dose of arnica would I give and how many times a day. Every day or just when he's having a worse day?

    1. You may have to experiment but I would suggest chatting with a veterinarian and doing a little research to factor in weight, severity of pain, and what sounds like a long term dose. My girl is long gone now but I definitely started with just her bad days. As she got older I gave her a daily dose. It was suggested to me by one of the massage therapists I used to work with that gave it to her dog for the same reason. We had positive results, meaning noticeably less limping and more activity. No signs of side effects.

    2. ...and I gave a 100 lb German Shepherd two 30X pills every morning.