Thursday, January 13, 2011

~Why I Go Out With Her... Yet Another Saturday Night~

This is just a moment to appreciate my dancing buddy. 

A little back story...when I met my dancing buddy, she was a shy, passive, soft-spoken classmate of mine in Jr. High.  She's really tiny anyway, so it's all the more funny to hear the things that come out of her mouth now that she is no longer that passive, pushover little girl.  Apparently, she's grown a pair over the years and knows how to use it.

We went out last Saturday.  She ended up dancing with this "Chatty Cathy" guy who wouldn't shut up the whole time he was dancing with her.  She seemed okay with it, since most of it was flattery, but then it got annoying when he started reaching out and touching my hair.  I mean, really, you're only here as long as my friend looks like she's having a good time.  Don't push it, right?  So, knowing how irritating that kind of thing is, after about the third time she looks at me, and then stops and turns around and says, "If you're interested in continuing to dance with me, you should stop that, right now.  She doesn't like it and I don't like it and you can be replaced."  Replaced?!  Awesome!  So he behaved and stuck around for quite awhile.  Win, win.  Nice job, dancing buddy.  Fourteen years ago, I never would have guessed. :D

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